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Sidr powder weighing 250 grams

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Chapter: The bath of a dead and his ablution with water and Sidr


The chapter on washing the dead and making ablution with water and Sidr

Narrated Um "Atiyya al-Ansariya:

Allah"s Messenger (ﷺ) came to us when his daughter died and said, "Wash her thrice or five times or more, if you see it necessary, with water and Sidr and then apply camphor or some camphor at the end; and when you finish, notify me.” So when we finished it, we informed him and he gave us his waist-sheet and told us to shroud the dead body in it.

Tell us Ismail bin Abdullah, told me Malik from Ayyub Alschtiyanj, Muhammad bin Sirin, Umm Attiya Ansariya may Allah be pleased with her, we entered the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him when his daughter died, he said, "three Agslanha or five or more so that Ryten it with water and Sidr, and Adjaln in camphor or something camphor, if Frgtin Vaznna. "when we finished gave us ears Hakoh said," Oharnha him. "means the garment.

5.40 USD
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