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Samar honey - 500 g

43.20 USD

Narrated Ibn `Abbas:

(The Prophet (ﷺ) said), "Healing is in three things: A gulp of honey, cupping, and branding with fire (cauterizing)." But I forbid my followers to use (cauterization) branding with fire."

Reference : Sahih al-Bukhari 5680

Sumra honey is known in the form of its dark red color slanting to black color. The comfort of the good source and the sweet taste and is Free from impurities. The original Samar honey contains a high nutritional value. For the honey beeswax, benefit from it Everyone can enjoy its delicious taste and benefit from its health benefits. Royal Samar Honey contains vitamins. Food with high nutritional value recommended by doctors because it helps to strengthen the immune system. Eating natural tamarind honey gives you a free vaccination against diseases and prevention.


What are the advantages of royal Sumar honey?

  • The natural Sumar honey has a pungent smell. The best types of Samar honey have a strong smell.
  • The density of the original Samar honey is high and it has a lower viscosity than Sidr honey.
  • The natural Samar honey is distinguished by its dark red color.


What are the benefits of Sumra honey?

 The home of Sumar honey, or it is called thorn honey, is in the mountains, where Samar honey contains vitamins. Foodstuffs of high nutritional value that help in strengthening the immunity of the human body. It has been proven by Samar honey experiences. The benefits of Samar honey on an empty stomach are many. 

The most important benefits of Sumar honey is.

  • It helps in improving the functions of the immune system of the body. Whoever suffers from influenza, honey with lemon is it.
  • The solution, as well as those suffering from weak bones or any of the diseases that affect the body.
  • The benefits of Samar honey for the digestive system. It rid the body of toxins. Samar honey is also used for the colon.
  • In treating stomach germs and stomach ulcers, and in eliminating diseases that affect the stomach.
  • The benefits of Samar honey for a pregnant woman. A pregnant woman can eat an amount of Samar honey to provide her with the energy she needs.
  • To continue her day and to preserve the health of the pregnant woman, usually.
  • Samar honey for diabetics and for high blood pressure. Samar honey also contributes to reducing osteoporosis.
  • increase bone strength because it contains calcium.
  • Samar honey for the heart muscle, as it contains a large percentage of glucose, which increases the strength of the heart muscle and get rid of heart problems.
  • One of the benefits of Samar honey in treating anemia, because it contains iron and vitamins.
  • Samar honey provides the body with energy as it treats impotence.
  • It, in turn, protects the body from many diseases, because it contains antioxidants that contribute to Eliminate diseases.


Sumar honey quality standards:

There are conditions and standards to know the quality of Samar honey when examining and laboratory testing Samra honey to judge the quality of honey. It will be mentioned and clarified in the following passage:

Humidity: Humidity in tamarind honey should not exceed 21%, because the higher the humidity, the honey will spoil.

Total reducing sugars: It is the sum of glucose and fructose. It is one of the most important components of honey. It should not be less than 24%. In most types of flower honey, with the exception of Al-Nadwa honey. It should not be less than 45%, or in a mixture of flower honey and Al-Nadwa honey.

Sucrose: It is the sugary feeding of honey in Samar honey, with a maximum rate of 5%, except for some types of honey and honeydew honey. It is between 10% – 15%, and it is relied upon to find out whether the bees feed without the nectar of flowers.

Acidity: 20,5 meq / kg. An upper limit of acidity in Samar honey is 50meq / kg. Samar honey is useful and not harmful to diabetics because the acidity in it is moderate and sucrose is very low.

Hydroxyl methylvoral (HMF): It is in short, the extent to which honey is exposed to heat, or has honey been stored. Storage is not good, and the proportion in honey must not exceed 80 mg/kg.

Acidity PH: It is measured to know the acidity in honey. it should not exceed 50 mg/kg except for thorn or brown honey, it should be more.

Diastase enzyme activity: a minimum in all types of honey is 3 units. In the original sour honey is high, which is a mark of honey distinction . It makes it useful for treatment. If it falls below 3 units, the honey is exposed to heat, or honey is manufactured.

Insoluble solids: a maximum of 0.1 in Doan honey and this indicates. It is pure dark brown honey free of impurities such as wax and other insoluble materials, while in pressed honey it is 0.5.

Ash and mineral elements: Samar honey is considered royal if the ash content is a maximum of 1%. This is evidence that Samar honey is always pure.


43.20 USD
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