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Samar honey - 1 kilo

86.40 USD

What is Samar honey?

Samar honey, which is also known as Al-Burm honey, is one of the most expensive types of natural honey in the market, and it is extracted from the nectar of the Samar tree, which blooms in the period between the beginning of spring until the beginning of summer, so honeybees go to the manufacture of Samar honey, which leads To increase the commercial demand for the fresh type of it, Samar honey is known for its red color close to black, and it has a strong pungent smell, and Samar honey bees can maintain the nutritional value and distinctive flavor of honey without changing for a period of three years if it is preserved well and according to the correct rules.

As for the benefits of this type of honey:-
This type of honey contains many nutrients and components that are beneficial to the body and high in nutritional value, such as calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc and sodium. It contains important amino acids, and contains many vitamins such as vitamin A, B, C, D, and contains a number of enzymes such as amylase and invertase.

1- The benefits of honey for the digestive system

Samar honey is a food that is easy to digest, so it is preferred among the types of honey for the digestive system, so it can reach the stomach easily, and it is quickly absorbed, and it reaches quickly to the lymphatic system and then to the blood directly, and honey also eliminates and solves problems related to the digestive system, It cleanses the intestines in a way that relieves you of its problems, and helps with bloating or constipation.

2- The benefits of honey for energy

Samar honey provides the body with the necessary energy because it contains the nutrients and vitamins necessary for the body. It contributes to compensating the body with the energy it loses during its day, and works to provide the body with the necessary sugars.

The benefit of Samar honey for the heart muscle

Samar honey contains a large percentage of glucose, so it increases the strength of the heart muscle, and also contributes to getting rid of heart problems.

3- The benefit of honey for blood pressure

Samar honey maintains the normal rate of blood pressure in the body. It increases the rate of hemoglobin in the blood, and also contributes to regulating blood pressure and preventing anemia.

The benefit of Samar honey for the bones

Samar honey contributes to reducing osteoporosis and increasing bone strength. It also builds and strengthens the muscles in the body because it contains calcium.

4- The benefit of honey for dental health

Samar honey protects the teeth from decay, protects the gums and maintains dental health.

5- The benefit of honey for the immune system

It helps in strengthening the body's immune system because it contains vitamins and prostaglandins that contribute to strengthening the body and preventing many diseases.

6- The importance of honey for the respiratory system

Washing brown sugar contributes to the prevention of respiratory infections, and also treats anemia, because it contains iron, which benefits the body and nourishes it.

7- The benefits of honey for kidney function

Samar honey helps improve kidney function and flushes toxins out of the body.

8- The benefit of honey for bronchitis

Treats infections and prevents bronchitis.

Canadian researchers have published reports that honey has a superior ability to treat, especially when it is mixed with cinnamon, which contributes to enhancing its value, especially after comparing the results that were reached with what was stated about the therapeutic potential of honey in the ancient books of medicine, including that it treats hair loss. And joint pain and aches, and relieves inflammation of the colon and lungs, and high cholesterol, if taken orally or by applying it as a topical treatment on the scalp.
It treats cholesterol, infertility, stomach disorders, treats heart diseases, relieves gas, indigestion, treats skin, skin and hair problems, stomach ulcers, and treats many sexual diseases.

86.40 USD
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