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An online store specializing in selling products from the Prophet's Sunnah from Madinah: the original antimony kohl, Ajwa Al-Madina, henna, dates, black seed, miswak,Indian costus , honey, Talbeenah,

Medina henna 250 grams

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Bukhari narrated in «history» Abu Dawood in «Sunan» that the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him what he complained to him one hurts in the head , but said to him: «cupping», and complained to him and hurts at his feet , but said to him: «Achtill Balhina» « 1 » .

At - Tirmidhi from Salma or Rafi maid Prophet peace be upon him said: it does not affect the Prophet peace be upon him sore and fork only put henna on «2».

Separation [in henna]

Henna and cool in the first, second Crusty, the strength of the henna tree and its branches of power vehicle analyst gained from the essence of the aqueous, moderately hot, and holding strength gained from the ground where the essence of cool.

It benefits It is useful analyst of fire burning, and the strength of the approval of the nerve if ligature do, and benefit if the chewing of mouth sores and Thrush «3» Projector in it, and clears castles «4» incident in the mouths of the boys, and bandaging him benefit from the warm tumors enteritidis, and it does in Surgeries are the blood of the two brothers. And if its light is mixed with clarified wax and rose oil, it will benefit from the ailments of the side.

the medicine of the Prophet" by Ibn AlQayem

2.70 USD
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